Success at Twin Ponds Cottage:

We have five different species thriving in Twin Ponds. However Large Mouth Bass and Chain Pickerel seem to be the most popular. This Summer guests have had good luck. Among the lucky anglers have been children. Two of them from different families and staying at different times have caught their first fish of their lives at Twin Ponds Cottage. As you can see they are pretty proud of their success. They have not told me their secret lure or technique but they did share their photos below. Additionally the Hale family were happy anglers, catching both Large Mouth Bass and Chain Pickerel of healthy size. Some guests caught their fish from one of the two boats and others fished from the grassy dock area.

First Guest to catch his first fish at Twin Ponds Cottage

Jabin fish

  Jabin was first in July with a Large Mouth Bass.



Second Guest to catch his first fish at Twin Ponds Cottage

Herbie the Fish 2half

Herbie followed in August with a Large Mouth Bass and a Chain Pickerel (Not Shown).  It was a cool day so he is dressed warmer than you might think for August

Family Togetherness

IMG 0753AX300


Dylan followed a week later but he had caught fish before. He caught both Bass and Pickerel. His Bass were mostly in the two pound plus range. His parents are both ardent anglers as well.