From time to time Lew will have updates and other information, or just how the summer or winter in general is going in Vermont. Check back here often for more information.  Think of this as our BLOG.


Success at Twin Ponds Cottage:

We have five different species thriving in Twin Ponds. However Large Mouth Bass and Chain Pickerel seem to be the most popular. This Summer guests have had good luck. Among the lucky anglers have been children. Two of them from different families and staying at different times have caught their first fish of their lives at Twin Ponds Cottage. As you can see they are pretty proud of their success. They have not told me their secret lure or technique but they did share their photos below. Additionally the Hale family were happy anglers, catching both Large Mouth Bass and Chain Pickerel of healthy size. Some guests caught their fish from one of the two boats and others fished from the grassy dock area.

First Guest to catch his first fish at Twin Ponds Cottage

Jabin fish Web2C

Jabin was first in July with a Large Mouth Bass.

 Second Guest to catch his first fish at Twin Ponds Cottage

Herbie the Fish 2half

Herbie followed in August with a Large Mouth Bass and a Chain Pickerel (Not Shown).  It was a cool day so he is dressed warmer than you might think for August


 Family Togetherness

IMG 0753AX300















Dylan followed a week later but he had caught fish before. He caught both Bass and Pickerel. His Bass were mostly in the two pound plus range. His parents are both ardent anglers as well.







We don’t want to scare you away from renting Twin Ponds Cottage in the Winter but we do want to provide you with important information about Winter and Early Spring weather as it affects your safe mobility. Twin Ponds Cottage is located in a rural area in Central Vermont at what the weather forecasters describe as “the higher elevations”.  That means that we often get different weather than in the nearby valleys.  We are near two exits of Interstate Highway 89.  If you are traveling North, we are 5.5 miles from a paved highway and if you are traveling South we are 2.5 miles from a paved highway.  The Town of Brookfield Highway Department is good about plowing and sanding the town roads in Brookfield.  We snow blow the driveway leading to the cottage and maintain several sand barrels. 

If you are renting the cottage as a vacation home and you can wait for the town and us to care for the roads and driveway respectively, a vehicle with good all-season tires driven prudently will work.  That may mean during periods of bad weather you may choose to avoid driving.  You may choose to stay indoors or to hike or snowshoe outdoors but wait for the roads to be plowed and sanded.  We understand that most rental agencies provide their vehicles, even SUVs with all wheel or four wheel drive, with all season radials and you may not have a choice. You will want to avoid driving during Winter storms.

If you are using the cottage as a home where you need to get to or from a physical work location at specific times, sometimes at off-hours, and need to come and go regardless of whether the town has plowed and sanded the road, you need to have Winter tires on your vehicle.  All wheel drive or 4 wheel drive with Winter tires will also ensure that you can drive more safely when the roads and driveway have not been recently maintained, particularly during a Winter storm.  This is true not only of Twin Ponds Cottage but any rental in Central Vermont, particularly if they are on a town maintained gravel highway. Also you should know that we get warm periods during the Winter and the early Spring when the gravel roads start to thaw.  Depending on how warm it gets and how long the warm weather lasts, the roads may thaw a little or a lot.  When they thaw we get muddy periods when Winter tires are very helpful.  All wheel or four wheel drive vehicles are provide additional traction on muddy roads if they have Winter tires.  The driveway to the Cottage has always been pretty good during thaws but even it is susceptible to some mud. Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, you will want to pay close attention to local weather.  We recommend Radio Station WDEV because their weather forecasts are specific to Central Vermont and the North East Kingdom. We will be happy to give you their radio frequencies and web address. 

In short if you are properly equipped and drive prudently, you will enjoy your Winter or early Spring stay at Twin Ponds Cottage.