In addition to the normal clothes you would expect given the season, cameras and special medications, supplies and equipment required by you and your family, we suggest you consider the following.

Late Spring, Summer and early Fall

  • Rain jackets/wind breakers- There are usually some wet and cool periods.
  • Sweaters or sweat shirts.
  • Hiking or walking shoes in addition to sandals, flip flops, etc. Walking or hiking on roads or trails could expose you to sharp rocks, poison ivy, deer ticks, etc.
  • Swim Suits and play clothes.
  • Sun glasses, UV lotion and wide brimed hats because the sun reflects brightly upon the water.
  • Sand box toys.
  • Fishing poles and tackle boxes (You need a VT Fishing License).
  • Golf clubs and associated gear. (See "Things To Do" page.)
  • Tennis racquets and appropriate clothing and shoes. 
  • Mask, snorkle and flippers if you are a competent swimmer.

Foliage Season and Fall

  • A mix of warm and cool weather outer clothing.
  • Warm and water resistant or water proof shoes or boots.
  • Hats, gloves and scarves should be available

Winter and early Spring

  • Warm jackets or winter coats
  • Warm hats, gloves and scarves are strongly suggested.
  • Very warm and water resistant or water proof shoes or boots with good traction soles.
  • Snow shoes or cross country skis
  • Devices for your shoes or boots enabling you to walk safely on ice.
  • If you are coming in a rented vehicle, consider a vehicle with all-wheel or four-wheel drive. They are probably not much more expensive but should help out during inclement weather especially if they have Winter tires.